The Best Karate Movie Of All Time

#1 – Enter the Dragon
Enter the Dragon is a 1973 Hong Kong martial arts action film directed by Robert Clouse; starring Bruce Lee, Jim Kelly and John Saxon. This was Bruce Lee’s final film appearance before his death on July 20, 1973.

#2 – Rumble in the Bronx
Rumble in the Bronx is a 1995 Hong Kong martial arts action comedy film starring Jackie Chan and Anita Mui. Released in the US in 1995, Rumble in the Bronx had a successful theater run, and brought Chan into the American mainstream.

#3 – Beverly Hills Ninja
Beverly Hills Ninja is a 1997 American action comedy film directed by Dennis Dugan, written by Mark Feldberg and Mitch Klebanoff, and starring Chris Farley

#4 – Karate Kid
The Karate Kid is a 1984 American martial arts romantic drama film directed by John G. Avildsen and written by Robert Mark Kamen, starring Ralph Macchio, Noriyuki “Pat” Morita and Elisabeth Shue.

#5 – Bloodsport
Bloodsport is a 1988 American martial arts sports drama film directed by Newt Arnold, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Roy Chiao, Donald Gibb and Leah Ayres. The film is based on the life of Frank Dux.

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