The Top Ten Bloodiest Action Films Of All Time

Everybody likes a good action movie, with tense pacing and plenty of shootouts. How much blood there should be in the movies is generally another question altogether. While some people prefer their flicks filled with blood and violence, others prefer less messy action scene climaxes. For better or worse, here are the top ten bloodiest action films of all time.
1. Kill Bill, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. While technically this is two films, they tell one story. True to Quentin Tarantino’s style, there is a lot of blood spilled, although he always manages to make it look cool, with artsy framing or coloring to give it a new look.

2. Hard Boiled. John Woo has never been afraid of showing messy wounds, and that is certainly true in this, one of his older movies. This movie features plenty of gory bullet wounds and blood spraying to help amp up the action.

3. Ninja Assassin. An ultra-bloody martial arts thriller that doesn’t shy away from gross-out shots like images of heads being sliced in two. The plot hardly even matters in this movie. It’s just about giving you images and fight scenes you’ll remember long after the credits have rolled.

4. Enter the Ninja. Another martial arts movie with relentless bloody violence. You know right from the beginning what you’re getting into. Just moments after the opening credits sequence, the movie jumps right into the action with ten solid minutes of a brutally violent battle between two ninjas.

5. Battle Royale. All the blood in this movie may be even more disturbing knowing that it’s being inflicted by children on children. The movie is filled with blood spraying, body parts being lopped off, and showing us people’s insides after they’ve been cut open.

6. Contraband. Director Lucio Fulci is famous for his very gory horror movies, so it’s no surprise that even when he directed an action movie, it fell on the side of the very bloody. The intensity of the final climactic scene can only be described as “blood-soaked.”

7. Rambo, sometimes known as Rambo IV. As the Rambo saga continued, the movies got more and more insanely violent until they reached the incredible blood-spurting levels of this movie. The final ten minutes of the film include an incredible amount of gory, bloody action that is not for the faint of heart.

8. Hard Target. The US version is rated R, but the longer international version is even more violent than its US counterpart. Gunshot wounds make up the majority of the blood here, but they are incredibly graphic, including one man who dies from a shotgun blast to the stomach.

9. Ultimate Versus. Both guns and swords are in play in this ultra-violent flick. Blood sprays everywhere, limbs are chopped off, and heads explode in gory action scenes, one after another. Its gleeful bloodiness has led to the film being compared to Tarantino’s work.

10. Hitman. Director Xavier Gens was asked multiple times to reshoot the movie because studio executives felt it was too violent. Gens refused, and the final cut we get is an intense, gritty action movie with plenty of blood and disturbing gory images.

If you love your action flicks bloody, make sure to check out each of these if you haven’t seen them yet.

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