The Six Best Movies That Pay Homage To Video Games

With the popularity of video gaming, the subject not surprisingly plays a role in numerous movies in one form or another. Sometimes the movie evolves around the gaming world or the entire movie develops as a tribute to a particular game. From animation to live action, these movies represent the best of video game commemorations.
Wreck-It Ralph
The story of this Disney animated movie not only evolves around video games, but also cleverly includes characters and visual references to numerous popular games dating back decades to Pong. After the Litwak Arcade closes, video game characters come to life and journey back and forth between games. Ralph represents the villain of the Fix-It Felix Jr. game, who desperately desires to change his reputation. He embarks on a journey toward heroism, but jeopardizes the game. Along the way he encounters the homeless characters of Q*bert who communicate in typical Q*bert-ese. Other gags include characters from Mario Bros., Frogger and Street Fighters along with occasional jerky motion animation, reminiscent of the eight and 16-bit arcade games of the distant past.

Role Models
This Universal Pictures comedy features the antics of energy drink salesmen Danny and Wheeler. Through a series of mishaps, the two find themselves at odds with the law and in front of a judge. With the assistance of Danny’s lawyer girlfriend, they avoid jail, but find themselves as perpetual big brothers in the Sturdy Wings program. Initially the two experience difficulty bonding with their young protégés. Eventually, all don makeshift costumes and take part in a medieval Live Action Interactive Role Playing Explorers game on behalf of Danny’s young charge.

Grandma’s Boy
Adam Sandler stars in this comedy about the misfortunes plaguing Alex, a single video game tester. A series of episodes render Alex and his buddy homeless, which forces the game tester to move in with his grandmother and her two friends. While staying with Grandma, Alex strives to complete development of his video game Demonik. However, his grandmother soon has him working on a number of home improvement projects. Upon game completion, Alex makes the mistake of sharing his idea with his friend who promptly steals the game as his own. Luckily for Alex, Grandma learned how to master the game, proving the idea belonged to Alex.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Angelina Jolie stars in the first of two movies that commemorate the video game centered on the female version of Indiana Jones. The adventure has Lara journeying to Cambodia in search of the missing pieces that belong to the mysterious Triangle of Light, a mechanical device having the potential for mass destruction. Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life appeared on movie screens two years later.

Resident Evil
The 2002 horror flick commemorates the Playstation game introduced in 1996. Having aspects of both the Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 games, the movie follows amnesiac victim Alice and a band of special forces troops into an underground facility in hopes of corralling an outbreak of the deadly T-virus.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, who also created the Final Fantasy game series, the computer generated movie follows a group of scientists on a mission to save the Earth from an alien race called the Phantoms. Final Fantasy remains the most expensive movie inspired by a video game.

No doubt everyone has their favorite video game turned movie, and the list continues growing every year. While not everyone has an interest in gaming, audiences of all ages and tastes often enjoy the topic of video games on the big screen. With many new projects on the horizon, perhaps the best is yet to come.

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