The 6 Biggest Hollywood Scandals of 2012

From the time Hollywood was invented, it has always been just as famous for its celebrity infamy as it was for its films – often, even more so.
From cheating…
…to arrests…
…fights, and so much more!
Every year, a number of celebrity scandals erupt and 2012 was no exception, as detailed below.
First scandal:
Twihards really got their undies in a bunch when Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on her boyfriend and co-star, Robert Pattinson with the director of her latest film. While hooking up on a Hollywood set is par for the course, the superstar couple’s legions of fans were blindsided by this event, some of whom posted distressed YouTube videos expressing their dismay.
Second scandal:
The ever-disgraceful Lindsay Lohan topped even herself when she got arrested after punching out a rival in a New York City nightclub. Seems LaLohan had her eye on a guy and didn’t like competing for him with another woman. From lifting jewelry to hit and run accidents, no wonder the starlet is barely able to practice her craft. In fact, her personal life has become far more interesting than any of her films have ever been.
Third scandal:
It wasn’t enough that he beat in the face of his girlfriend, Rihanna, as bad boy Chris Brown demonstrated with his misogynistic Tweets, prompting him to temporarily shut down his Twitter account. Also, he destroyed a hotel room and got into brawls with rivals Drake and Frank Ocean. Now it is also alleged that due to his mother’s connections, he did not complete his assigned community service, which could be one of the reasons he continues to behave so badly.
Fourth scandal:
When Katie Holmes blindsided her husband, Tom Cruise Mission Impossible style, the town was set ablaze with speculation. Given his devotion to Scientology, it is more than evident that his religious practices had something to do with Katie’s divorce from the exuberant and controversial actor.

Fifth scandal:
When songbird Whitney Houston was found dead the night before the Grammy Awards in the very hotel where a pre-Grammy party was to take place, the irony took on a tragic tone. Despite the fact that she appeared to be getting her life on track, her untimely death overshadowed her enormous talent due to her erratic behavior, tumultuous marriage to Bobby Brown and her drug and alcohol use.
Sixth scandal:
When actor John Travolta was sued by a male masseuse for alleged assault and sexual battery, his sexual preferences were again being questioned. As in the past, more speculations and lawsuits continued, suggesting that John Travolta had been sexual with men in the past and therefore may actually be gay.
Known for its decadence, every year Hollywood promises to bring more scandals due to both actual and alleged salacious and controversial behavior. The year is young, however, 2013 will most likely be no different as the rich and notable indulge in behavior that seems to become more infamous each year.

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