How To Create An In Home Theatre In 10 Easy Steps

When an extra bedroom is available in a home, the space can be turned into an office, guest room, or something else. A creative and fun thing to do is to create an in-home theatre. This room can be used to entertain the entire family. Here are ten steps to help this become a reality.
Step One: Create The Decor.
Since this room will be used to view television or movies, it may be nice to have movie posters on the wall. If space allows, it may be a nice touch to add a popcorn machine. Nothing is more appealing than the smell of freshly popped popcorn.
Step Two: Choose The Correct Television.
A home theatre is not complete without the best television screen. Flat screen technology is available in both plasma or LCD options. Plasma usually offers realistic colors and a better range of viewing angles. On the other hand, LCDs cost a bit more, but have brighter screens and are more energy efficient. Also don’t forget to shop for stands for your flat screen TV!
Step Three: Location, Location, Location.
The bedroom that is being transformed into a theatre should have few windows. It should also be a space where noise levels are low. This room should also be in a place in the home where noises will not disturb others as well.
Step Four: Choose The Sound System.
A home theatre must have a high quality audio system. The speakers must be evenly paced throughout the room. A sub woofer will be essential as well.
Step Five: Choose The Right Furniture.
A home theatre should contain comfortable seating. It may be best to choose a giant sofa or individual reclining seats. Everyone wants to feel as though a movie is being viewed in a luxurious theatre, even if it is only a bedroom.
Step Six: Darken The Room.
To copy the feel of a movie theatre, it is essential to keep the decor as dark as possible. The windows must be completely covered, and dim lighting should be placed on the walls. It will also be helpful to choose dark colored furniture.
Step Seven: Hide The Wires.
It will not be attractive to enter a home theatre and see wires hanging all over. It may also be a danger when wires are left out in the open. There will be quite a large amount of wires needed to connect all of the devices. There will be electrical concerns for at least the television and audio system. Here’s a link that’ll help you get this done:

Step Eight: Get Ready For Play.
Since the family will be taking advantage of this space, it may be smart to incorporate the ability to play video games or other electronic gadgets. It can be a great place for teens to gather or a nice place to spend a family game night.
Step Nine: Choose The Correct Lighting.
The lighting in a home theatre will have the largest effect on the television screen. LED lighting would be the best choice. It looks good and sets the right mood. To make things more realistic, it would be nice to add tiny blue lights along the floor.
Step Ten: Accessorize The Room.
To complete the feel of a movie theatre, it would be nice to add great accessories. Lining the room with red carpet may make the room appear very realistic.
The above steps are an outline as to the best way to transform a spare bedroom into a home theatre. This type of room can provide hours of family entertainment. Choosing the right television and decor can create a great space that will quickly become the favorite spot in the house.

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