The Six Sexiest TV Commercials Of Recent Times

Commercials involve segments with celebrity endorsements, talking animals and funny routines, but people say that sex sells for a reason. Provocative ads are distinct enough to be memorable and will be searched for on YouTube, and companies know this means people will talk about and buy their products. Here are six racy, intriguing and shocking TV commercials from recent times.
David Beckham’s Nude Photo Shoot
There is no consensus on who the sexiest man in the world is, but David Beckham probably ranks in the top five. H&M is a clothing company, but they made a good decision by stripping the soccer star down until he is wearing nothing for this Super Bowl commercial. You may want more than this 30 second snippet, but only Victoria Beckham gets to view the rest of that tattooed, chiseled body.

Scarlett’s Banned Ad
SodaStream also wanted to attract and titillate Super Bowl fans, but they chose the gorgeous, curvaceous Scarlett Johansson to star in a commercial that was actually banned from TV. Do not get carried away by imagining ScarJo participating in risque antics because the commercial was not allowed for tame reasons. Mentions of Coke and Pepsi had to be cut from the ad, but the edited version still features Johansson in a flattering dress.

Beyoncé Is Too Hot To Handle
Scarlett’s commercial is appropriate for audiences after edits, but Beyoncé’s ad really is too steamy for TV. The commercial promoting her first fragrance called Heat is scorching because it features Beyoncé posing in a very sexy chemise while her sultry vocals provide audio. Mrs. Carter probably did not sweat her banned ad because her perfume is a success, and this sexy singer, dancer, producer, actress, and fragrance maker is unstoppable.

A Romp In The Park
A group of women enjoying a day at the park get a surprise in this Diet Coke endorsement because the temperature is not the only thing that is sweltering. When the ladies try to offer a handsome gardener a refreshing can of pop, the liquid explodes all over the poor man. Fortunately, the commercial has a happy ending when the man takes off his shirt and gives the women an eyeful.

Hardee’s Day At The Beach
A tropical beach, a great song and a model in a bikini sound like paradise to many people, so Hardee’s added their chicken sandwich into this fantasy and made a commercial. Nina Agdal stretches out on the beach, applies a generous amount of suntan oil to her body, removes her bikini top and makes a sandwich look like a sensual accessory in this mouth-watering ad.

At The Car Wash
Snickers gets dirty with an advertisement set at a car wash, but there are plenty of willing women ready to clean up in this TV spot. These statuesque ladies are happy to work as they enthusiastically wash cars and make sure each vehicle gets a good scrub.

It is hard to stop thinking about these scintillating commercials, and this is good for business. If you want a sexy ad of your own, 3 Guys and 3 Girls can help you profit with an unforgettable, exciting commercial. Whether you buy any of these products or just enjoy the commercials several times, these are some of the most memorable and sexy ads created recently.

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