7 Movies That Will Make Any Grown Man Cry

There are very few people who do not like to enjoy a good movie every now and then. There are movies that are capable of making us feel every possible emotion. A really great movie not only entertains you, it connects with you on an emotional level and stays with you for a long time after you see it. For many men, crying is the ultimate sign of weakness. Most men try to avoid crying in front of other people at all costs. That having been said, there are some movies that have the power to make men start to shed tears in bunches. Here are seven of them:
1. The Notebook
Since its release in 2004, this film starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams has gained the reputation of being one of the greatest “chick flicks” of all time. Because of this fact, there are many women who have forced their husbands or boyfriends to watch it with them. There is no telling how many men this tale of love spanning many decades has brought to tears. The film is about love, dementia and death. These are all the classic elements of a tearjerker.

2. Field of Dreams
This 1989 masterpiece starring Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones connects with men on a three very deep emotional levels. First, it is about baseball. This is a game that most men grew up playing. Second, it is about family. Many men have special memories of tossing a baseball in their back yard with their father. Third, it is about following your dream. Most of us can relate to having a dream or goal that we want to accomplish, but it often does not come to fruition. In the movie, Costner does make his dream come true. The ending of the film is truly classic and sure to make a man turn on the waterworks.

3. Saving Private Ryan
Steven Spielberg’s World War II epic from 1998 has surely brought many veterans of that war to tears. The first 20 minutes of the film involve a bloody and very realistic recreation of the Normandy landings on D-Day, June 6, 1944. For any survivor of Normandy or any man who lost a loved one on that critical day in the history of the world, watching this movie is sure to be an emotional experience.
4. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Jack Nicholson’s performance in this classic 1975 film is considered by many to be his greatest acting performance. Indeed, the character of R.P. McMurphy that he plays in the film strikes an emotional chord with many of the men who watch it. Perhaps it is because they see a little of McMurphy in themselves. That could be why the tragic ending of the movie is so much harder for men to deal with.
5. To Kill A Mockingbird
Atticus Finch is considered to be one of the greatest movie fathers of all time. When men watch this film, it no doubt causes them to have fond memories of their own father. This makes for an emotional movie experience.
6. Coming Home

The Viet Nam war was one of the most tragic chapters in the history of the U.S. For veterans of that war, this 1978 Academy Award-winning film about Viet Nam veterans struggling to regain a sense of normalcy after the war is sure to tug at their heart strings.
7. Rudy

This 1993 true story about Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger’s time playing football for Notre Dame has been inspirational for millions of people. Many men are emotionally connected to football and they like an underdog story. This film is notorious for making dry eyes turn moist.

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