Red Carpets Beauty Secrets From Your Favorite Stars

As the red carpet rolls out for movie premieres and awards shows, stars always manage to look nothing short of impeccable. How do these celebrities look so dazzling? It turns out they have some beauty secrets that the rest of us can use to look fabulous as well. Read on to find out top red carpet beauty secrets.
Start with the Skin
The old adage “beauty is skin deep” holds true on the red carpet in that the fact without clear skin it is hard to pull off a perfect look. To achieve flawless skin, stars typically maintain a regular schedule of facials and skin treatments. Regardless of what makeup is applied, the critical secret is starting with glowing skin. If you have a big event coming up, consider scheduling a facial ahead of time. Be sure to schedule it at least a week ahead of the event as certain facials and chemicals peels can lead to redness and peeling before the skin begins to improve.
Find a Perfect Fit
As stars pose in their designer frocks, you’ll never see a loose strap or an overly tight pull around the midsection. Why you ask? Because the designers measure every inch of the celebrities’ bodies and tailor the clothes to flatter their figures. While you may not have access to a runway designer creating a custom gown for you, you likely do have access to a good tailor. Take a special piece you find “off the rack” to a local tailor to have him or her tweak the fit so it is most flattering to your figure.
Diet Matters
You’ll often hear actors and actresses tout the benefits of juice cleanses to get them ready for all the cameras they face as they walk the red carpet. While many of these diets are extreme, the basic principles of this red carpet secret can be applied in everyday life. Focus on a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Not only will the fiber content keep you feeling full longer, the rich antioxidant levels will help with beautiful skin, hair, and nails. Additionally, the high water content of many of these foods will help flush toxins out of your body.
Enlist Help
Hollywood’s starlets have a team of assistants, stylists, makeup artists, and more surrounding them to help them look their best for big events. While most people are not fortunate enough to have such teams, this does not mean you can’t get some extra help to look your best. Consider having an extra stylish friend go shopping with you to find the right look for your big event. Many makeup counters offer complementary makeup applications; just be sure to book an appointment to make sure you can get your makeup completed in plenty of time for your event.
Just because you may not have the fame or fortune of the stars on the red carpet does not mean you cannot look just as smashing by simply learning from a few of their secrets to looking their best. Remember that the sensational beauty you see on the red carpet starts long before the big day and involves much more than a pretty outfit and you too will be turning heads and catching stares!

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