Top 5 Most Lucrative Comic Book Film Franchises that Haven’t Been Made Yet

With the success of The Avengers, the comic book movie rampage has only just begun. While DC is still desperately trying to match Marvel’s unrivaled success, there are still untold numbers of franchises yet to be made into films that would bring in even more money for the already extremely lucrative genre. Will one of these soon be among the new movie releases in theaters?
Teen Titans
With its success as a cartoon, the Teen Titans would be a great way to connect the hats off to Robin at the end of The Dark Knight Rises with a brand new story line and characters. Directors have now shown they can make a comedic superhero film without getting corny, making Teen Titans feasible. Made up of Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg, the eclectic group of heroes and their lineup of fantastic villains, including Slade, there is an abundance of material to pull from.
So far, all of the main Avengers have had their stories told, but as of yet, there is nothing on the mysterious Clive Barton. Though he lacks the fantastical powers or mental capabilities of his partners, this is exactly what would make his story that much more imperative to tell. From his survival as an orphan to his tutelage under Swordsman and Trickshot, Hawkeye would give fans a human they could easily relate to and sympathize with.
Y: The Last Man
In one day, the entire world’s population of men dies to some unknown plague, all except one man and his pet monkey. Following the adventures of Yorick and Ampersand, this story tackles personal growth through suspense, heartbreak and humor as they try to find out the reason they were left alive. One of the few comics to follow a complete arc across the entirety of its releases, screenwriters would have to do little work to bring this tale to life.
Every generation enjoys a good satire, especially in times when the government begins to overextend its reach. Set in a dystopian future with robots that enjoy getting high, this series follows the exploits of Spider Jerusalem and his crusade to purge the world of all corruption, both political and social. Even though it is a decade old, the satire is poignant enough that it still holds as true today as it did back then.
Hands down one of these most popular comic books to ever be released, Sandman by Neil Gaiman was one of the first to be taken as a piece of fine art as opposed to the campy styles of the previous years. Made up of numerous stories all completely different from one another, the series itself could fuel feature films for at least the next decade.
The comic book universe is as vast as it is wide with franchises that did spectacularly and many that just couldn’t tread water. Luckily, with the resurgence of films that treat the most popular franchises in an entertaining and true to character manner, film makers will continue pursuing new avenues of comic stories for years to come. If we are lucky, they will start to branch out and bring in both new and old favorites instead of going for more outrageous characters like Antman.

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