The 10 Youngest & Wealthiest People in the World

I couldn’t think of a better way to start out my blog than writing about people who inspire me!

Wealth is a mindset which is built by a continuous journey of hard work, persistence and growth. From several failures one gets to pick himself or herself up for a continuation of the journey to wealth. The road to success is always a bumpy one full of numerous challenges which can only be overcome by the strength of one’s mindset. Given the nature of human beings, only the few individuals who stay strong even in harsh times of failure and lack are the ones who cross the mighty boarder to wealth and financial freedom. This article will therefore take you through the ten youngest and richest people in the world who chose wealth to be a journey to more wealth rather than a destination.

1) Mark Zuckerberg.

At the age of 28, he stands out to me one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the United States of America. Through his hard work, he launched the most popular social site in the world named Facebook. The source of this entrepreneurial idea was brainstormed from his college dorm room and grew to become one of the most brilliant and solid idea in the history of software development. Despite the Facebook Initial Public Offer challenges, the young man’s wealth can still be approximated to $15 billion according to the public estimates.
2) Sean Parker.

He is the co-founder of Napster and the first president of Facebook. At the age of 32 and still an inspiration to many, his wealth approximation stands close to $2 billion.
3) Eduardo Saverin.

At the age of 30, his wealth approximation stands close to $2 billion. He is the co-founder of Facebook and struggled to achieve this title.
4)Dustin Moskovitz.

Having a short working relations with Zuckerberg, at the age of 28 the young rich lad left Facebook to pursue a new start up along with his charitable work. His wealth is about $3.5 billion.
5) Scott Duncan.

In his late twenties, the young man has in the old fashioned way inherited a huge mass of wealth from his late father who owned an energy pipeline company estimated at $4 billion.
6) Fahd Hariri

The 31 year old son of the late prime minister Rafic Haririr, is estimated in wealth to approximate a close of $1 billion from his real estate businesses.
7) Robert Pera.

In his mid-thirties, he is the Founder of Ubiquity Networks which specializes in the production of wireless gear. He is worth over $1 billion.
8)Ayman Hariri.

Like his brother Fahd Hariri, in his mid-thirties he has amassed a lot of wealth from the real estate business. With an international pedigree, the young undergraduate from Georgetown lives and works in Saudi Arabia.
9) Yang Huiyan.

The only woman in this list who in her early thirties boasts of her wealth which was transferred to her status by her father who is the owner of a well established Chinese real estate company in China, Country Garden.
10)Albert Von Thurn Und Taxis.

At the age of 28, the young German prince enjoys some good wealth from race-car driving and profitable energy projects.

The above personalities are just but an example of how a healthy and wealthy mindset can lead to more success. Change your mindset and join the ten youngest and richest people in the world.

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