6 Stars We’d Love to See as Leads in a Comic Book Movie

Comic book movies have taken America by storm in recent years. Marvel’s the Avengers grossed over $623,000,000 in theaters, proving that we love our superheroes. Both DC and Marvel’s heroes have graced the big screen and have been big players at the movies; there is no end in sight either. Its looking like there are a number of upcoming movies in 2014 that have some of our favorite characters. We eagerly anticipate bigger fights, more back story, and face-offs of epic proportions.

Today, we bring you 6 stars we’d love to see as leads in a comic book movie. We don’t know what movies Hollywood has up its sleeves in the years to come, but we do know who we would love to see kicking butt and taking names.

1. Emma Stone. Okay, so we’ve seen her in the very successful Spiderman franchise, but she’s a bit player. We would love to see her take on a main role as a bad guy beating, fierce lady heroine. She would make a great She-Hulk, who is much more eloquent and controlled than her male counterpart the Hulk, but powerful just the same. Or, perhaps as the Wasp; small but packing a powerful punch in the way of female leads.

2. Anson Mount. You may not recognize his name, but his face is hard to forget. Star of AMC’s hit television show, “Hell On Wheels,” Anson plays the loner outlaw Cullen Bohannon. With 3.6 million viewers, they are doing something right. That something right revolves around Anson Mount who delivers every gritty, real episode. We’d love to see him as a dark hero. Someone who stands up for what is right but doesn’t care for the rules placed upon him.

3. Channing Tatum. It was recently announced that Channing would play Gambit in the upcoming X-Men Appocalypse, as well as star in his own feature film Gambit later on. We have to wait until 2016 to see it in theaters, though. We had to include him because we cannot wait to see what he will do with the role. Oh, the anticipation!

4. Ryan Gosling. He may not be the super-bulky type, but there are plenty of super heroes that start out a little nerdy but are super hot once they hit super hero mode. The ladies would love to see Ryan Gosling as a leading man in a comic book role, perhaps the Flash. Super speedy world saver by day, sweet committed and loyal man by night. Sounds like a box office hit in the making.

5. Lauren Cohan. Widely known for her role as Maggie in The Walking Dead on AMC, Lauren would make a tough-as-nails female lead. Anyone would probably do as long as she was the kick-butt type, but we’d love to see her as someone like Cinnamon, DC’s tough western female character who’s got a grudge to settle. She could handle the role nicely, and we’d love to see her gun-slinging and taking down bad guys.

6. Bradley Cooper. With a recent starring voice role in Guardians of the Galaxy, you might say that we’ve already seen Bradley Cooper in a comic book movie. However, we’d rather see him in the flesh. With plenty of action film experience under his belt, he has the makings of a great on-screen super hero.

So, there we have it. Americans will undoubtedly continue to embrace their inner comic book nerd and flock to the theaters to see their favorite heroes in action. We will be looking forward to what Hollywood produces from our much beloved comics in the coming years. We’ll be looking forward to big stars, new characters being brought into the light, and on screen match-ups that excite us to the core.

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